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China Beverage Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association, English name China Beverage Industry Association, Abbreviation CBIA), established in 1993, is a non-profit and national-wide organization for voluntary participation of enterprises and public institutions in beverage and related industries. The Association is officially registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as a national first-class incorporated association. The registration place and permanent establishment of the Association is in Beijing.

In accordance with China Beverage Industry Association Charter, the purpose of the Association is to implement the principles and policies of the Party and the state and promote the healthy development of the beverage industry in China. The goal of the Association is to guide the industry to enhance social responsibility. The orientation of the Association is guidance, service, and ties. The mission of the Association is to guide the whole industry to produce safe and healthy beverages for consumers, to serve enterprises, consumers and the government, to act as the bridge and tie between enterprises and consumers, between enterprises and governments, and between enterprises and enterprises, to help the government to manage the industry, to reflect the wishes and requirements of the industry, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, and to serve the development of the beverage industry.

According to the China Beverage Industry Association Charter for membership development and withdrawal, the Association has more than 400 active member units, and the total beverage output of the Association members accounts for more than 85% of the country’s total output.

According to the China Beverage Industry Association Charter, the Association has established and operated multiple institutions. The Association has established Member Representative Assembly, Standing Council, Council, and Secretariat. The Association also established 11 branches, and may make adjustments according to work requirements. Branches include Packaging Drinking Water Branch, Natural Mineral Water Branch, Bagged Water Professional Committee, Fruit and Vegetable Juice Branch, Coffee and Tea Professional Committee, Protein Beverage Branch, Solid Beverage Branch, Functional Beverage Branch, Carbonated Beverage Branch, Supplier Branch and Technical Working Committee.

According to the China Beverage Industry Association Charter, the Association has carried out exchange and maintained good relations of cooperation with international packaged water associations and fruit juice associations and domestic associations in different countries and districts. The Association is member of the board of directors of International Council of Beverage Associations(ICBA) and International Council of Bottled Water Association(ICBWA).

The Association has carried out daily work. According to the China Beverage Industry Association Charter. The Association has established a platform for exchanges with enterprises, the government, and the society. CBST China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology is held every two years. There are two journals ("China Beverage" and "Beverage Industry"), two official websites (China Beverage Industry Association and China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology) and five official microblog accounts (China Beverage Industry Association, Packaging Drinking Water, Love Health and Drink Juice, Beverage Industry Chain Window, China Protein Beverage).

The association hopes to cooperate with people of insight to jointly promote the development of China beverage industry chain!

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