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CBST2021 will meet 2022 be there or be square

hello,Colleagues from all walks of life in the beverage industry chain ! Bid farewell to the extraordinary year of 2021 and welcome the year of 2022. I would like to express my sincere wishes and thanks to all the "beverage people" who have overcome all difficulties, bravely struggled, and supported the development and innovation of the industry in the past year.

The 10th China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition (CBST2021) could not be held as scheduled due to the high risk of COVID-19 transmission and the severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control. Thanks for the understanding and cooperation of people from all walks of life in the industry. Since the announcement of the postponement, the exhibition organizing committee has paid close attention to the changes in the national epidemic prevention and control situation, communicated extensively and made active preparations. Continue to feedback the latest trends of the exhibition to exhibitors and visitors, so that the work of exhibition recruitment, exhibitors service, media publicity, and visitors do not neglect the work. The preparation of CBST2021 is progressing in an orderly manner, and the industry event will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center W5-W2 Hall on March 2-4, 2022.

CBST China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition, as a biennial brand event of The Chinese beverage industry, this CBST2021 exhibition and series of activities will continue to cover professional exhibitions, association annual meetings, summit forums, theme seminars and other contents, many industry leaders gathered at the exhibition site, famous senior management team to participate in the wisdom of the encounter. At the same time, the upgraded 2021 China International Beverage Industry Chain Innovation Forum will focus on the hot spots of industry development, focus on the new stage, discuss the new situation, share new achievements and link to the new future, and promote the construction of a new ecosystem of high-quality innovation and development featuring industry openness, mutual trust, cooperation and win-win.

At present, the new time of the exhibition has been set. Exhibitors who intend to participate in the exhibition can still log on the official website of the 10th China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition (CBST2021) or directly contact the staff of the organizing committee to register for the exhibition. The exhibitors who have participated can use this time to make full preparations, improve the exhibits and do a good job of publicity. Visitors/group visitors can still pay attention to the official wechat account of the exhibition and fill in the registration for the exhibition. The confirmation code of the registered visitors is still valid and there is no need to re-register. Annual meetings, forums and other activities will also be held at the same time after the exhibition reopens. CBST looks forward to working with friends from all walks of life in the beverage industry chain to seize the opportunity and seize the good opportunity to expand sales for your new products and technologies, gain orders and cooperation. In CBST2021, we will meet the right products and the right people, and help exhibitors and visitors to achieve full harvest in the new stage!

CBST organizing Committee is well aware of exhibitors' concerns about visitors, exposure and other exhibition effects. In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on exhibition effects, CBST2021 focuses on strengthening online publicity, increasing the frequency of advertising, and developing wechat groups to provide resource sharing. Approaching the exhibition period, when all the work enters the critical stage, we will further deepen the cooperation with professional media to expand the influence of the exhibition. We call on the audience to visit the site, and use direct mail, telephone contact, email, SMS and other ways to reach the precise target audience. The invitation continues, the response continues, before the development of the industry will be with colleagues in the same frequency resonance, industry information timely update, and exhibitors have close communication, wechat industry resource sharing group also in this stage continue to force supply and demand information flow, efforts to "3 days of exhibition, 365 days of service" for the purpose, To form a solid bridge linking the upstream and downstream of the beverage industry chain in this special period before development.

Today, China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition is about to open its 10th session, and CBST is also about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. In the 20th year, CBST took advantage of the rapid development of China's beverage industry, gave full play to its influence in the industry, witnessed the gradual rise of China's beverage industry, and made its own contribution. Dream ten years, do not forget the original purpose; 20 years on, our original aspiration remains unchanged. Together with people from all walks of life in the industry, we will continue to make efforts for the technological progress, product innovation and high-quality sustainable development of China's beverage industry.

CBST2021 "Brand Exhibition Beverage Lead Innovation", sincerely hope to witness the new achievements, new development and new future of beverage industry together with you in the beginning of 2022. Spring comes again, and everything revives; Another year together, Wan Shang Xingye. We believe that with the unremitting efforts of every beverage person, China's beverage industry will usher in a stage of higher quality development, and CBST will also stand at a higher starting point to create unlimited possibilities for the development of the industry. I wish friends from all walks of life in the beverage industry chain a full return in CBST2021 and more brilliant achievements in 2022!

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Dear visitors, the pre-registration on the CBST2021 website is now closed. Please follow the WeChat official account of the exhibition "饮料产业链之窗" to register. Thank you for your understanding and support! For specific steps, please click on the link below to read!