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CBST2021 Meet Ning Autumn September Be there or be square

With the continuous optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures and scientific and accurate related work across the country, the epidemic situation is stable on the whole, and the economic operation has gradually returned to the normal track. With the effective coordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, the effect of stabilizing economic policies and the pace of consumption recovery, China's beverage industry has stabilized and picked up.

In view of the Shanghai now restore show uncertainty, in order to can both responded to the requirements of the national epidemic prevention policy and epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai, but also actively response to the outbreak, an early recovery of the industry and efficient communication platform, help enterprise rescue difficulty grasping the development trend, after fully listen to comments and feedback to all parties, CBST2021 The 10th China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition has moved to Nanjing and will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center from September 16 to 18, 2022.

Nanjing, abbreviated as Ning, is an important central city in eastern China, an important national scientific research and education base and a comprehensive transportation hub. It is the only mega-city in the Yangtze River Delta, an important gateway city for the development of the central and western regions driven by the Yangtze River Delta radiation, and one of the first national historical and cultural cities and a national key scenic tourism city. The new CBST2021 will take advantage of Nanjing's unique geographical location of "East meets west, North meets South, sea and land", actively promote the preparation work ahead of the launch, and present a high-quality and high-level beverage industry event for exhibitors and visitors.

CBST China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition, as an important industry event in the beverage industry, people from all walks of life are looking forward to it. CBST2021 is affected by the outbreak of the new champions league repeated delays, but since the exhibition notice issued to nanjing, won numerous exhibitors, the audience's understanding and support, have said will cherish this special period in outbreak at the exhibition, this exhibition will focus on new technology and new achievements appearance, docking of supply and demand will further communication during negotiations, It fully demonstrates the confidence of people from all walks of life in China's beverage industry to revitalize. The restart of CBST2021 will play an important role in accelerating the full recovery of the industry, and will also provide broader market opportunities for the high-quality development of enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and bring new development opportunities for the revitalization of the industry.

In the face of the change of the exhibition schedule and location of CBST2021, the organizing committee of CBST knows well the exhibitors' attention to the exhibition effect, and has now launched the "strongest" publicity plan. Micro, the exhibition organizing committee in addition to the association's official website, official publication, and micro exhibition officer, official website has its own media, such as the first comprehensive promotion, will also increase the directional invited industry association higher-ups and corporate executives and staff telephone invite professional audience and related organizations, publicity materials in the mail to send SMS/email to ensure that the form of invitation in place to ensure the show. At the same time, with the strong influence and appeal of the association in the industry, it will continue to release the latest trends of the exhibition in the exchange group of various industries, the sharing group of industrial chain resources and the professional media of the industry, to form a communication warmup of more than 10,000 people, and strive to create the best on-site effect of the exhibition for the new exhibition of CBST2021.

New exhibition period, new pavilion, new opportunities and new driving forces. The booth is limited. Exhibitors who are interested in participating can still directly contact the staff of the organizing committee or log on the CBST2021 official website to register for the 10th China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition. The exhibitors who have registered for the exhibition can use the time before the start of the exhibition to make full preparation, polish the booth design, improve the display products, and do a good job of warm-up publicity. In a better state to launch the exhibition promotion after the epidemic "first shot", for your new products and technologies to expand the market, harvest enough orders, establish satisfactory cooperation.

Due to the postponement of the exhibition, CBST Organizing Committee decided to extend the "welfare period" of pre-registration for visitors. From now until August 15, all individual and group visitors who have completed the registration can still enjoy a lot of VIP treatment: exempt from the on-site registration procedure, enjoy the advance delivery of visiting passes, receive the fine exhibition catalogue materials and gifts free of charge, take priority to attend the report forum, and use the VIP rest area for tasting rich drinks and tea breaks free of charge. Planning the trip in advance, worry-free arrival ning exhibition; Gongxiang industry event, I wish you a full return.

Golden autumn fruit, meet in Nanjing! Industry event, a three-day overview of the frontiers of science and technology; Not to be missed, rich content meet the future of the industry; With "Ning" meet, gather together to ride the market; Be there or be square, 9.16-18 CBST2021 only waiting for you!

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