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Exhibition News
A speech by Zhao Yali, Honorary President of CBST2021/CBST2023

On April 7th, CBST2021/CBST2023 was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zhao Yali, honorary Director General of China Beverage Industry Association attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The following is the transcript of his speech:

Respected President Zhang Chonghe, Deputy Director General Guo Xiangdan, respected exhibitors, respected beverage enterprise friends:

With the end of the epidemic, CBST202/2023 has finally emerged from the cocoon and welcomed the guests. On behalf of the organizer and organizer of CBST202/2023, I would like to extend our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all of you for coming!

CBST2019 has been more than 3 years, I believe that the exhibitors have been dormant in these three years, for the product technology innovation, quality improvement, efficiency improvement into the company's leaders and technical staff wholeheartedly, but also for the appearance of this exhibition, since November 2021, several times in Shanghai Pudong, Nanjing International Exhibition, Shanghai Pudong changes, The expense has been increased for many times. Here, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the exhibitors. Thank you for your trust, understanding and support! Thank the exhibitors for their trust and expectations of beverage enterprises! More blessing exhibitors in this warm gathering harvest a lot!

From 2022 to 2023, although the epidemic is serious, the majority of beverage enterprises dare to challenge the sluggish market, develop new products and upgrade product quality, deepen the market, and care for consumers with sincerity and little refinements. The strong rebound of the beverage consumption market has forced the industrial chain to shift and upgrade and the new layout of production capacity, performance, energy efficiency, low carbon, digital control of beverage production lines, packaging and raw materials have become important measures. Beverage enterprises are eager to have new discoveries and new opportunities for cooperation in the exhibition. Thank you very much for beverage enterprises in the market downturn period, showing the beverage product image and market efforts to maintain, thank beverage enterprises friends in the current production and sales season to come to the exhibition, show the exhibitors' confidence and respect!

Since its birth in 2003, CBST has spanned two decades. This two-in-one exhibition shows more vitality and strong demand for cooperation. I hope this exhibition can make exhibitors pay back their efforts, let beverage enterprises enjoy themselves, and improve the quality and efficiency of the industrial chain again. In another twenty years, everyone to meet, beverage industry chain, how beautiful, for society, for consumption, data and practical work, laughter accompanied by performance fly. For this day, let's walk together all the way, and then continue to brilliant! For this day, let's wish this exhibition a complete success. Meanwhile, let's give warm applause and look forward to the second twenty years of CBST with a new pattern of one year!

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