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The industry plays the "concerto" of high-quality development CBST2024 to build a new ecol

CBST China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition is an annual beverage industry event sponsored by China Beverage Industry Association, which has been successfully held for 11 years. After 20 years of development, CBST has become an important window to reflect the latest achievements in the development of the beverage industry, an important bridge to promote the exchange and cooperation of the global beverage industry chain, and is known as the barometer of industry development and the wind vane of technological evolution. CBST2024 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 1 to 3, 2024. With the cutting-edge innovation achievements of the whole beverage industry chain and the enthusiasm and hope of the whole industry, CBST2024 will meet you in the spring of 2024 to draw a new blueprint for the high-quality development of the industry.

At present, China's beverage industry chain, supply chain and value chain are entering a new stage of development. Consumers' demands for healthy nutrition, functional attributes, taste diversity, and value embodiment of beverages are particularly prominent at present, and beverage companies' progress in product raw material optimization, research and development upgrading, process iteration, and packaging innovation have become the stage goals of more and more enterprises. After the end of the first quarter of 2023, many beverage companies achieved a good start in business performance. According to incomplete statistics, Coca-Cola's strong growth in many categories exceeded expectations, Yang Yuan Beverage net profit increased by 40%, Xiangpiaopiao turned a profit, Dongpeng Beverage net profit increased by 40%, happy home gross profit margin increased by nearly 40% and sought to build factories overseas... It can be seen that the "momentum" of the beverage industry is high and the "momentum" is not reduced. In the face of the coming beverage consumption season, the demand for production, supply and marketing is strong, and the upstream and downstream enterprises of the beverage industry chain cooperate to ensure supply. The steady development trend and busy business dealings of the industry confirm that the beverage industry as a "forever sunrise industry" will not be hindered by short-term twists and turns, and we are worth maintaining confidence and patience.

Entering a new era of high-quality development of the beverage industry, in the face of rapid changes in the internal and external environment, the "beverage people" in the new stage need to gather the strength of all walks of life, through close and face-to-face communication, to jointly shape the new ecology of the industrial chain, create a new pattern of cooperation, and write a new chapter in the industry. As a professional brand exhibition with the most comprehensive exhibition scale and category in China's beverage industry, the number of professional visitors and the highest quality, CBST has not only effectively promoted the information communication, business negotiations, business cooperation and resource sharing between exhibitors and beverage enterprises over the years, but also let everyone in the beverage industry chain gather here regularly to jointly promote the positive development of the industry. It is believed that the "offline annual grand gathering of buyers and sellers" created by CBST will remain a solid bridge between supply and demand of the beverage industry and a strong driving force for innovative development in the future.

At present, the CBST2024 booth has opened the registration and reservation channel, and exhibitors are eager to register, and have expressed full confidence in CBST2024. In the past month, the number of booth reservations has exceeded the number of exhibitors in the same period of the previous session. Old friends come as promised, new friends are coming, high-quality booths are limited, sign up for exhibition now. You can log on to www.cbst.com.cn and click "I want to Exhibit" on the home page or call 010-84464668-805 to secure your desired location. CBST2024, I believe more exciting, we will see you in Shanghai!

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