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All-media support CBST2024 publicity seamless dissemination more powerful

The 12th China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition (CBST2024) will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 6-8, 2024. Booth is hot pre-sale, welcome beverage industry chain related enterprises to sign up! Full media promotion of CBST2024, helping to enhance CBST awareness.

3 days display, 365 days uninterrupted promotion. The CBST exhibition Organizing committee will continue to make efforts to increase publicity, innovate promotion ideas, and continue to promote the CBST2024 publicity work covering the beverage and food industry. Through the accurate publicity of 30+ Chinese and foreign media and the association's self-media and the continuous information dissemination throughout the year, the influence and visibility of the exhibition will be continuously improved. The publicity channels of this exhibition cover paper media, network media, new media, we media, etc., forming an all-media matrix combining online and offline, soft and hard. Exhibition information, exhibition dynamics, exhibitor exhibits, exhibitor activities are effectively released before, during and after the exhibition, reaching the industry elite. More than ten domestic and foreign media will be stationed at the exhibition site in the form of "exhibition" to spread the CBST2024 scene from multiple angles. Comprehensive and effective media publicity, superimposed a lot of free publicity and value-added services, to maximize corporate brand exposure and exhibitors exhibitors benefit.

In the era of mobile Internet, in the face of the increasingly rapid change of new media, new topics and new phenomena, the organizing committee of CBST2024 exhibition launched the "strongest" publicity program. The domestic and foreign media repositories accumulated in previous exhibitions were sorted out, the media in the library were investigated and communicated one by one, and professional media cooperation was selected. Increase the cooperation media publicity efforts, and expand the communication channels, covering the industry professional journals, websites, wechat public accounts, short video platforms, etc., through the exhibition advertising promotion, exhibition advertorials, exhibition tickets, media EDM emails and other forms, so that more people understand CBST, familiar with CBST, into CBST.


The organizing committee of CBST2024 Exhibition will continue to communicate the exhibition through the we-media channels of the organizer China Beverage Industry Association on a regular basis in the official wechat, official website, official journal, magazine and other all-channel channels, and target to the members of the association, vice chairman units, executive director/director units, cooperative universities and research institutes, brother associations, government departments, etc. Bring strong endorsement to CBST, so that "CBST2024" in the industry quickly form a topic of influence. In addition, the CBST exhibition has its own media refresh, and the "double micro mode" transmits the latest developments from multiple angles on both sides of the supply side and the demand side, using "depth" for "heat"; "Content first" with a large number of industry "business opportunities" to bring fresh vitality to the industry, stir the market "living water"; "Resource sharing" uses the operation mode of wechat group to release first-hand supply and demand docking information, purchase private areas of demand directly to target customer groups, and help win-win cooperation in the industrial chain. Powerful association we-media matrix, perfect private domain communication community system, precise focus to create a new pattern of exhibition publicity.


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