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Exhibition Process

CBST2025 International Exhibition Area
Step 1:Application for Booth in Official Website

1. Exhibitors who sign up for the CBST2024 must first go to the official website of CBST Exhibition www.cbst.com.cn/en and fill out the "Exhibition Registration Form" online to apply for the booth.

2. Go to the official website of the exhibition www.cbst.com.cn/en, click “I want to exhibit”, fill in the “Exhibition Registration Form” online and fill in relevant information to apply for participation.

3. Please complete the online application 2 weeks before the commencement.

Step 2: Pick Exhibition Booth

1. After the exhibitor fills in the “Exhibition Registration Form” online in the official website, the Organizing Committee will inform the exhibitor that the “Exhibition Registration Form” has been received by email within 5 working days.

2. The Organizing Committee will determine the batch of exhibitor booth based on the booth size applied and the timetable of the “Exhibition Registration Form” submitted in the official website.

3. The larger the booth size applied and the earlier the “Exhibition Registration Form” submitted, the earlier will be able to select booth. When the application booth size is the same in the same batch, the applicant who submits the “Exhibition Registration Form” online first will select first.

Step 3: Sign Exhibitor Agreement

After confirming exhibition booth with exhibitor, the Organizing Committee shall sign “Exhibition Agreement” with exhibitor.

Note: From the date of signing the “Exhibition Agreement”, exhibitors must log in to the official website of the exhibition (www.cbst.com.cn/en) to download the “Information Form of Exhibition Journal” online, fill it out and send it to lxa@chinabeverage.org for journal usage and free promotion related to professional media. Submission should be completed 2 weeks prior to commencement.

Step 4: Pay Exhibition Booth Fee

1. After signing “Exhibition Agreement”, exhibitor shall pay exhibition booth fee according to related terms in the Agreement.

2. Exhibition booth fee is divided into two parts: deposit and remaining part (total fee deducts deposit).

3. Exhibitor shall pay deposit (40% of total fee for raw space, 2 and above standard booth, 100% of total fee for 1 standard booth, Standard booth with special design and deluxe standard booth) within 10 days upon signing “Exhibition Agreement” according to related terms in the Agreement.

4. The balance of booth fee shall be paid one month before the exhibition.


1. The ultimate explanation rights of the registration procedures are reserved by CBST2025 Organizing Committee.

2. Other related information about participating CBST2025 will be agreed and elaborated in detail in “Exhibition Agreement”, “Collateral Terms of Exhibition Agreement” and “Exhibitor Manual”.

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