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Exhibition News
CBST2021 online "Audience pre-registration" is on fire

From November 16 to 18, 2021, the 10th China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition (CBST2021) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo.

As the opening date of the exhibition is approaching, the online "Pre-registration for visitors/group visitors" of CBST2021 is opening. You only need to log on to www.cbst.com.cn and fill in the registration content online to complete the online pre-registration.

If you complete the online "audience/group audience pre-registration" in advance, you will not only save the time of on-site code scanning registration and waiting in line for admission, but also get many benefits:

Exempt from on-site registration formalities and send the visit permit in advance

U Get pre-show News for free

U Participate in China beverage Industry Chain Innovation Forum for free

U Get a free copy of the Exhibition Catalogue

U Receive a beautiful gift on site

Free use of the VIP lounge area for coffee, drinks, refreshments and fruits

Unregistered visitors: After opening the official website page, click "Audience Center" → click "I want to visit" → click to enter the "Audience pre-registration" page → click "Register now" → enter the mobile phone number/email to obtain verification code for registration; After successful registration, enter the verified mobile phone number/email and password, click "Login" button to enter the "Audience pre-registration" registration system, fill in the basic information, questionnaire and invite others to visit according to the steps, and click "Save" to complete the pre-registration.

Registered visitors: You can log in to the official website, directly enter your verified mobile phone number/email address and password, click "Login" button to enter the registration system of "Audience Pre-registration", fill in the basic information, questionnaire and invite others to visit according to the steps, and click "Save" to complete the pre-registration.

Group of audience: for more than five people (including 5) groups of audience, after "into" I want to visit "pages, click on the" community audience pre-registration ", registration and login steps the same as the "audience" registration, fill out basic information separately according to the steps, questionnaire, and invite others to visit, click save to complete after verification "audience pre-registration" group.

Matters needing attention:

① After successfully registering on the official website, please keep your user name and password for further login.

② The deadline for online "Audience/group audience pre-registration" is October 16, 2021. Please complete the pre-registration before the deadline, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the related benefits.

③ The system supports pre-registration of groups. After registration, specially-assigned persons (login users) can submit the registration information of groups (invited visitors) in their accounts.

④ According to the national epidemic prevention and control requirements, please be sure to fill in the valid information of visitors/group visitors correctly and completely, so as not to bring inconvenience to your entry and visit due to invalid registration.

⑤ In order to protect your information security, please confirm to register the relevant registration information only through the official website www.cbst.com.cn of CBST.

CBST2021, November 16-18, we will be there or be square in Shanghai!

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Dear visitors, the pre-registration on the CBST2021 website is now closed. Please follow the WeChat official account of the exhibition "饮料产业链之窗" to register. Thank you for your understanding and support! For specific steps, please click on the link below to read!