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CBST2021 audience invitation continues to advance "wechat audience pre-registration&am

In less than two months, the 10th China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition (CBST2021) will be officially opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. "Brand exhibition drink lead innovation", as a biennial grand event of the beverage industry, this exhibition with the whole industry chain, a complete range of exhibits, colorful activities at the same time, many sessions of exhibition experience and other advantages, constantly bring forth the new, attracting attention from people from all walks of life, the industry is looking forward to.

At present, the CBST Exhibition organizing committee is fully engaged in visitor invitation, actively exerting the influence and appeal of the sponsor China Beverage Industry Association in the industry, and ensuring the number of visitors during the special period of the epidemic with the help of the association's unique database. On the one hand, the policy makers, executives and purchasers of beverage enterprises and supply chain enterprises are invited by telephone through directional tracking invitation. On the other hand, organize and carry out group invitation to well-known manufacturing enterprises, government associations, universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, etc. At the same time, organize the audience database and invite the potential professional audience to visit the site through telephone, email, information mailing, SMS and other ways.

In order to ensure convenient and smooth visits during the epidemic prevention and control period, the Exhibition organizing Committee has now opened the channel of "wechat Pre-registration for visitors", which allows users to register online and enjoy the exhibition easily on their mobile phones. If you complete the "wechat Audience pre-registration" (until October 16), you will not only save the time of on-site code scanning registration and queuing for admission, but also enjoy generous treatment:

• Exempt from on-site registration and send the visit permit in advance

• Free pre-show Newsletter

• Free participation in China beverage Industry Chain Innovation Forum

• Get a free copy of the Exhibition Catalogue

• Free use of the VIP lounge area for coffee, drinks, refreshments and fruits and pre-registration gifts

For the "wechat Audience pre-registration", the audience should pay attention to the CBST official wechat public account "Window of beverage Industry Chain" in advance; After entering the main page of the official account, click "CBST" → click "Audience Registration" to enter the "Audience Registration" system → click "Audience Registration" → Enter the mobile phone number, obtain and fill in the SMS verification code, click "Next" to enter the information filling interface, fill in personal information and questionnaire according to the steps. Check and click "Next" to complete pre-registration.

After the "wechat pre-registration" is successful, the system will automatically pop up your personal confirmation code and the corresponding card number. With this confirmation code/card number, you can go to the "Visitor Registration Counter" in registration Hall 2 of Shanghai New International Expo Center to scan the code and get your badge.

For the audience who have pre-registered on the official website, follow the above steps to enter the "wechat Audience Registration" system, click "Get confirmation letter" to obtain the confirmation code and the corresponding card number, and complete the "wechat Audience pre-registration".

Matters needing attention:

1. After wechat registration, if you need to use the QR code again, you can enter the pre-registration system according to the original steps, and the confirmation code that you have registered will pop up directly without entering relevant information again.

2. The welfare period of wechat "Audience pre-registration" will end on October 16, 2021. If the pre-registration is completed after the deadline, the relevant benefits will not be enjoyed.

3. The system does not support group pre-registration. If you need to register, please log in www.cbst.com on the official website of the exhibition → "I want to visit" → click on the channel of "Group pre-registration" for group registration.

4. Please fill in valid information correctly and completely according to the national epidemic prevention and control requirements; In order to avoid any inconvenience caused to your entry and visit, please ensure that your registration is invalid.

5. In order to protect your information security, please confirm to register relevant information only through the wechat official account of CBST China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition "Window of beverage Industry Chain" and the official website www.cbst.com.

CBST2021, November 16-18, we will be there or be square in Shanghai!

(Chinese Beverage Association)

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Dear visitors, the pre-registration on the CBST2021 website is now closed. Please follow the WeChat official account of the exhibition "饮料产业链之窗" to register. Thank you for your understanding and support! For specific steps, please click on the link below to read!