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CBST2021 extension is not extended we believe that the event will come as promised

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is still in the continuous development stage. In March, there were frequent outbreaks in many places in China, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control remains grim. In accordance with the requirements of Shanghai Municipal epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure the safety and health of participants and the effect of the exhibition, after careful deliberation, close consultation and careful consideration, the organizers have decided to postpone the 10th China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition (CBST2021), which was scheduled to be held from March 24 to 26, 2022.

The organizing committee of the exhibition sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the adjustment of the exhibition again. Exhibitors and visitors are requested to adjust the schedule of exhibition and visit in time and inform relevant partners. We will continue to follow the developments of all parties and actively coordinate and communicate with them. The specific date of the event will be notified separately in accordance with the regulations of Shanghai on epidemic prevention and control and the requirements of the Exhibition hall. At the same time, we will continue to elaborate preparation, do a good job of the work before the launch, online and offline efforts, the same period of activities polished, and strive to present a more wonderful industry event for people from all walks of life!

The service team is online all the time, seamless communication for exhibitors to answer questions. We know that the exhibitors for a long time the support and understanding of CBST was a driving force and development of the exhibition, held since CBST2021 suspend notice after the release, the exhibitors service team in the face of the exhibitors of new season on the exhibition arrangements, at the same time, the latest development of beverage enterprises, resources, information release and docking, and other problems and requirements, strive to provide "housekeeper type service, Do not refuse to answer questions, do not neglect to answer, do not perfunctory discourse, all-round answer processing, so that exhibitors rest assured, at ease, comfortable. At the same time, the opinions and suggestions put forward by the exhibitors during the inquiry are recorded in the book, and the comprehensive consideration, coordination, adjustment and feedback are implemented. Every docking and communication with exhibitors is a great help to the smooth development of the exhibition again, we work together to make the exhibition to perfect progress!

To build a solid bridge for the whole industrial chain in spite of the epidemic. In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the exhibition, CBST2021 has continuously strengthened and improved online promotion since the beginning of the epidemic: Increasing the frequency of all-media advertising to enhance the influence of the exhibition, continuously publicizing the new technologies and achievements of exhibitors to enhance the willingness of professional buyers to visit the site, establishing resource sharing groups of the beverage industry chain to provide online information exchange platform, etc., and strive to maximize the brand effect and service extension of CBST exhibition at various levels and from all aspects. At the same time, CBST exhibition's own communication channels are also actively responding to direct professional audiences: Zhongyin CBST wechat "Exhibitor Promotion" is constantly updated, with enterprise introduction, product promotion, docking information and other exhibitor information timely issued; Beverage industry chain resource sharing group continues to make efforts to ensure the continuous supply and demand information, and reach cooperation intentions through online communication. CBST exhibition Organizing Committee takes "3-day exhibition, 365 days service" as the purpose and strives to achieve "delay is not extended, wonderful is always online".

The same period of fine and polished activities, thick and thin development is worth your expectation. As a biennial brand event in the beverage industry, CBST China International Beverage Industry Science and Technology Exhibition can not only feel the latest technology and latest achievements in the beverage industry at the exhibition site, but also hold concurrent activities in previous exhibitions. CBST2021 will continue to organize and carry out wonderful activities in the same period with high participation, great influence and rich practical contents: association annual meeting, innovation forum, theme discussion, etc., to sort out the development issues of the industry and forecast the development trend of the industry. In front of the new extension at the exhibition, the exhibition organizing committee will focus on activity further fine grinding, the same issue again, guests communication, report again to upgrade and enhancing the effect again, makes every effort to let the exhibitors and visitors experience the new upgrade, interactive stronger, more diverse forms of the same period, more rich content of the exhibition activities, hand in photograph reflect with CBST exhibition, reveal special power, Make your trip worthwhile.

After a long time of waiting and many times of grinding, although the severe situation at home and abroad has brought challenges to the development of the beverage industry and the launch of CBST2021 as scheduled, we believe that in the near future, people will still focus on CBST2021, and the "Brand Exhibition" will surely be another "innovation of beverage leading". The exhibition organizing Committee will work together with people from all walks of life in the industry chain to overcome difficulties and push forward with better exhibitions, more innovative activities and more practical work to promote the high-quality innovative development of China's beverage industry. Meet wonderful, meet CBST2021!

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