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Exhibition News
CBST2021 new exhibition will help exhibitors harvest surging new power without fear of the epidemic

The first quarter of 2022 passed in a hurry with the epidemic situation at a high level in China. During this period, the CBST Exhibition Organizing Committee received inquiries from many beverage enterprises, OEM enterprises, beverage suppliers and supporting enterprises on the development of the epidemic, market response, economic situation and industry changes, and also felt the concern and expectation of people from all circles on the CBST2021 exhibition, concurrent activities and supply-demand docking.

Since the beginning of this year, despite the complex and severe international situation and the repeated delays of COVID-19, enterprises related to the beverage industry chain have taken the initiative to cope with the difficulties, and the overall operation of the beverage industry is within a reasonable range, continuing the momentum of innovative and high-quality development. The organizing committee of CBST exhibition will also actively communicate with exhibitors and bring forth new ideas, so as to inject more stability, certainty and positive energy into the development of the industry in this special period. The following suggestions are put forward to help enterprises stabilize the epidemic situation and meet CBST2021 for a wonderful exhibition.

Study hard, do a good job of product internal power. Under the background of a new round of consumption upgrading and "double cycle" development, the beverage industry has ushered in a new period of opportunity for reform. In the new consumption era, not only the raw material innovation and nutritional diversity of products show the flourishing scene of a hundred flowers, but also the improvement and transition of mechanical equipment manufacturing capacity will become the new internal driving force of beverage industry development. With the breakthrough and progress of science and technology and the discovery and application of new food raw materials, it is difficult to achieve the iterative innovation of new technologies and achievements by using the traditional industrial development mode. Cross-industry cooperation and cross-field interconnection have become the inevitable trend of the industry development. For example, artificial intelligence for production management, membrane separation technology for water filtration, vision technology for production testing, these originally in the Internet, chemical, automotive and other fields of high and new technologies are also playing an increasingly important role in the beverage production process. Before the launch of the new CBST exhibition period, enterprises can investigate the industry development trends, understand customer needs, grasp the trend and open up ideas, learn and learn from the focus on product development, innovation of manufacturing technology, improve product performance, and wait for CBST2021 to launch new products and technologies.

Focus on inventory and do a good job in the market. The sudden attack of this round of epidemic has disrupted the original pace of business expansion of many enterprises, but this period is also an important stage for enterprises to expand potential customers, ask and visit target customers, and retain customers. Through telephone contact, SMS, email and other methods, warm greetings, business inquiries, regular return visits and other ways to close the distance between the two parties, understand the latest trends and the latest needs of customers, provide authoritative answers and required products, solve customers' doubts, improve user engagement. After communication, do a good job of sorting out and analyzing, so that the results can feed back to the R&D, procurement and other departments, and make early judgment for the company's business development; At the same time, it is necessary to further explore market development channel resources, sort out the report records and business cards of participants who have participated in industry forums, conferences and professional exhibitions before, make future expansion plans for enterprises, and seize market opportunities.

Actively expand and do a good job in publicity. As the saying goes, "Even the scent of wine fears the depth of the alley." Good technology and products should be accompanied by good packaging and publicity. Brand exposure in the industry at multiple levels and channels, more technology in front of professionals show more, will better help the application and promotion of technology and products. During the epidemic period, we were pleased to learn that many supporting equipment manufacturers and raw materials additive manufacturers cooperated with media to discuss production technology, market strategy and business cases in the form of online sharing meetings, forming a seamless publicity system for all time. Before the launch of CBST2021, enterprises can not only learn from the above cases, but also open up their own media publicity channels to achieve extensive dissemination by means more suitable for their own product characteristics.

In the upcoming CBST2021 new exhibition period, enterprises will better launch the latest technology and products with the help of CBST platform to attract the attention of industry insiders. In-depth exchanges and negotiations on site, help enterprises expand the market blue ocean. For two years for the beverage industry, the most popular brand exhibition, CBST have annual "exhibition + BBS +" extension matrix, plays "strongest" in the industry help the exhibitors, spread through professional exhibitions excellent products, industry innovation BBS promotion of technological achievements, borrow expand contacts, all dimensions present enterprise results reveal the brand strength, multiple pathways. Relying on the strong influence and appeal of China Beverage Industry Association, the organizer of the exhibition, high-quality visitors and precision buyers from the beverage industry will be gathered to attend the scene during the three-day CBST exhibition, so that exhibitors can accumulate scientific and technological achievements and business needs during the silent period of the epidemic. Offline with the shortest time, the highest efficiency to achieve the most extensive communication and the best market expansion effect.

Do your internal work and get ready to go. Before the launch of CBST2021, the organizing committee of the exhibition will work together with all sectors of the beverage industry chain to overcome difficulties. With the spirit of craftsmanship and rigorous working attitude, we will do a good job in upgrading services, improve the quality of the exhibition, and carefully refine the activities at the same time, so as to make better and more full preparations before the launch. The new exhibition CBST2021 will certainly present a colorful and colorful beverage industry event for the industry. At that time, we will gather together to celebrate the event!

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