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Grasp the silent period to expand the window CBST2021 to help exhibitors refresh their "face&qu

After the Spring Festival in 2022, the epidemic spread rapidly in many places in China, and many places declared a period of silence. Although the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, in the medium and long term, with the effect of the "dynamic zero-out" policy, the epidemic is expected to be effectively controlled, and domestic production and business as well as residents' lives will return to normal. At a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control held in Shanghai on May 17, Zhao Dandan, deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, announced that all the 16 districts of the city had achieved zero social contact; At present, Shanghai has resumed business in stages, and from June 1 to late June, under the premise of strictly preventing the rebound of the epidemic and controlling risks, normal management of epidemic prevention and control will be implemented to fully restore the normal order of work and life in the city. As the national economic situation and the epidemic situation in Shanghai are about to improve, and the national policy level may give full consideration to the industries seriously affected by the epidemic and introduce various supportive policies, the industry event CBST2021 will also usher in a new exhibition period to help enterprises develop.

The silent period brought about by the epidemic will not only affect the current production and operation of beverage industry chain related enterprises. Due to the fatigue of product promotion and market expansion at this stage, the performance growth will be weak and they will be at a disadvantage in the market competition after the recovery of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production. At this stage, CBST2021 exhibitors should seize the rare expansion window, in the quiet period, uninterrupted, multi-channel to strengthen the promotion of enterprises, to achieve extensive dissemination of the industry, for the post-EPIDEMIC exhibition site wonderful exhibition, ready for the bottom of the market demand rebound.

Break the attribute barrier and realize the whole domain communication. In many inquiries from beverage suppliers, supporting enterprises, OEM enterprises and the exhibition organizing committee, we know that some enterprises have great demands for publicity and promotion of social media and paper media letters while disseminating new technologies, new products and new services through the exhibition site. However, different from beverage brands, the target market of such enterprises has a strong B-end attribute and special requirements for the accuracy of communication, resulting in narrow channel selection. China Beverage Industry Association is the host of CBST Exhibition. The exhibition committee not only holds the largest and most professional event in the industry, but also operates wechat public account, website and online magazine......, which has the most effective readers and is professional and interactive in the industry With the help of the association's large and accurate audience database, it will help exhibitors to find potential customers in the market, realize the comprehensive, accurate, efficient and high-quality brand, product and technology communication, and achieve the first round of enterprise drainage in the public domain.

Accelerate channel construction, perfect marketing channel. With consumers' advanced pursuit of health, function and quality of drinks, the market demands on beverage production, supporting, OEM and raw material supply enterprises are also increasing. To this end, exhibitors can share technology, market discussion and trend prediction through online activities to highlight the technical strength of enterprises and maintain the brand image. In addition, it can upload online activities, conferences and forums to the public by establishing its own wechat public account, video account, hundred account and Douyin account, which is not only convenient for customers to check, but also can retain customer information after their attention. Through regular, long-term and effective high-quality content, further deepen the enterprise image construction in customers; Through the seasonal or periodic festival publicity, assist to realize the transition from potential customers to target customers, and realize the flow of traffic from public domain to private domain.

Public domain and private domain fusion, guiding traffic realization. During the epidemic stage, customer maintenance has become the key work in the quiet period, but one-way inquiries and blind sales have been difficult to produce practical results. The organizing Committee of CBST2021 is well aware of exhibitors' great desire for demand communication at this stage. In 2020, it plans to establish "Beverage Industry Chain Resource Sharing Group" to provide an efficient platform for beverage industry chain related enterprises to share demand, connect business and ask technical questions. Through opening and inviting professional audiences, users and enterprises through public accounts, websites, conferences and other channels, the sharing group now has more than 2000 people, including procurement, industrial chain, technology and other important departments, guiding everyone to realize traffic realization in the interconnection of the industry.

Hold the window and wait for good news. CBST2021 exhibition Organizing Committee will work with people from all walks of life in the beverage industry chain to meet the challenges and pursue excellence. The epidemic will eventually go away. We will meet at CBST2021 to create a better future.

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